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So, inquiring minds wanted to know--what character did I first fangirl over? And truthfully? That answer is hard. So I'm breaking it up into stages of how I became the batshit insane fangirl I am today.

First character to spaz over the existence of: Hermione. I had issues dealing with intelligence from a peer-related standpoint, and reconciling the fact that people resented how easily I understood things with the fact that I wanted friends. Hermione was who I wanted to be for a while--she was brilliant, and had good friends that hung out with her and listened to her (yes, I think somewhat differently now. ::shrugs::). And while Hermione was originally ostracized because she was a "know-it-all," she eventually came into her own. It's something I aspired to--coming into my own, that is. Not being as socially awkward. Having stable friendships. Knowing all the answers. Her bravery. I admired her a lot.

First character to truly capture my attention: Draco Malfoy. Admittedly, it took my late entry into fandom to fully realize this obsession with Malfoy. Book 5, I thought he was funny, and a nice break from "I have the weight of the world on my shoulders" Harry. And then I read fic, and I immediately thought, "Wait, where's the evidence that he's so irredeemably evil?" Draco Malfoy was the redeemable bad boy. I've never had a real thing for bad boys. But Draco had the possibility of gaining a halo while keeping his wit, which was cool. And his fair hair and grey eyes contrasted his appearance with our Golden Boy. He was also very obviously intelligent. Not necessarily mature (but more mature than Harry), but intelligent. Which I value. Especially since it proves that he has the capacity to think for himself. Fandom kinda... threw this into focus for me. And about the same time I started seeing the merit of the Slytherins, I started shipping H/D, and recognizing what a... flawed hero Harry actually is. And how much the two characters complemented each other. Ginny hatred came later. But Draco, with his leather pants and Veela background and scathing witticisms (all of which are fanon, dears) is who keeps me in fandom. Because I never tire of seeing him all prickly and vulnerable.

First character to literally squee over whenever he walked into a room: CCS Shaoran. Admittedly, this took until about halfway through the season, but ickle knight-boi makes me happy. He's so adorable. I just wanna pinch his cheeks and cuddle him, no matter how much it'd annoy him. He's so noble. Oddly enough, I'm reminding myself of his older sisters.... But still. He makes me happy. And in the last season of CCS, there's so much romantic tension between him and Sakura... ::is mentally squeeing just thinking about it:: And the evidence that he'd clearly grow up into someone worth admiring is masterfully planted. This was the first CLAMP work I'd seen, and all of the ickles and the plot made me want to read more CLAMP, even if nothing else of theirs is quite as fluffy and bright as CardCaptors.

First may-as-well-be-canon-which-is-good-because-I-ship-it-so-hard-it-hurts ship: Touya/Yuki. Yes, I ship Hikaru/Kaoru and Kyouya/Tamaki and 3x4, but absolutely no one can convince me that Yuki and Touya do not belong together in any dimension, any way space or time. I think those other ships are working toward the "ship-it-so-hard-it-hurts" stage, but Touya/Yuki is my strongest plausible-canon slash ship. Well, the first one, at least. Kuro/Fai comes later, but just as strongly, as does Doumeki/Watanuki (Geez CLAMP with the shounen-ai). And not only is their relationship canon, it's cute canon at that. And there's a little smidgeon of angst to make it as realistic as possible (I mean, come on, Clow Cards + alternate beings?) and it's just. So. Cute. And I need to stop thinking about CCS now before my brain explodes from all the cuteness.

First OMGTHEYARESOHAWTWHYARETHEYNOTREALANDDATINGME character: Cheating here, because I have several that all came around the same time. I was first attracted to Kyouya intellectually, because he is an absolute mastermind. And then I came to realize that he's... really hawt. The way he moves... and his calculation. ::salaivates:: Tamaki's hawtness is more prevalent in the manga, where he cannot seem to keep his clothes on. The way he carries himself is highly attractive (though the fact that he thinks so too is vaguely off-putting). beautiful. Beautiful in a vaguely-androgynous-but-mostly-feminine kind of way. But it's masculine enough that I still know where in the first episode to find him topless. XP. Kurogane is fierce. And built. And Shaoran is more slimly-muscled. But all five of them are... really hawt. And I could stare at them all day. And I pretty much came to the realization that they were all hot in Winter term last year, even though I'd encountered Ouran before. There is a reason they are all on my wall. XD

First character I've found myself subconsciously imitating: Hunny. x.x Sorry guys. Hunny was so bright and cheerful and happy, and I find I need to radiate that because it makes other people happy which in turn makes me happy. It's kind of a... chain reaction. But what was creepy was thinking to myself, "I wanna skip down the hall going 'Wai~~~~!'" And the only thing that stopped me was knowing that no one on the hall would get it and they'd all think I was an absolute freak. Which, all things considered, I probably am, but I only let my good friends know to what extent. ::wink::

And I think another post about the importance of fandom is forthcoming, but first things like homework (so, you know, I can stay at college). Remember to keep the prompts coming, dears!
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