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You know, I never have a song lyric or title to go as my subject. I'm just not that cool.

Today...has not really been a good day. What with the whole 5.5 hours of sleep thing and being petrified of a test tomorrow given by the teacher that scarred me with the last test he gave us...

But some interesting things: I now have a new saxophone! Well, new to me, at least. Cost me $120, because my boss's husband was looking to get rid of it, and it needs a repad, but... overall a good deal.

So I went to go put my saxophone in my music locker, and I find that my locker was open. This didn't strike me as odd, as I am dead on my feet today, but I opened it to find stuff inside. And since I always lock the goddamn thing, I can only think of one conclusion--the band director gave away my goddamn locker. I would be a lot more irritated if I'd had stuff in it at the time (it generally stays pretty empty fall term because it would actually take more time and effort to store my saxophone in my locker than it does to simply take it back to my room), but...I did use it this year. What the hell--they were supposed to be ours for all four years. And my key still works to lock it, so obviously I didn't make a mistake with which locker number it was... That just makes me angry. And I can't even properly be angry about it at the band director, because he's in Italy at the time--my anger will have to wait until he shows back up in November. ARGH. Not cool. At least I know the girl it was given to, so I can... make noises about sharing it until we get the matter resolved, but I am not a happy camper.

Things that do make me a happy camper: a paid account. XD I know, I know, I rarely post, so what's the point in having one, but... it's $1.25 a month. I can give up what amounts to two manga volumes for a paid account. And it means I can do shiny stuff like code layouts. I like layouts. Layers, yay! Image maps! Just... shinies! And since Fall Break is coming up, I can... go look for iconses.

Also, I need to eventually find/make a semi-friends only banner--I do occasionally post something publicly, but... I've had a few people find me in RL based off my LJ. And I'm not quite ready for random people in my classes to know I'm a slash fangirl. ::shrugs:: I mean, I tell anyone I can trust not to look at me too weirdly, but I expect to be able to have actual conversations with them after that. I go to a school that's on the surface pretty conservative (one of the groups on campus had Chuck Norris here to speak last night), so... Iunno. I'm just a paranoid person, ne?

Anyway, back to the perks of a paid account--I will eventually change my layout. Once I have time to eat, sleep, and breathe like a normal person. I like my old one? I just think that perhaps I should upgrade to S2, because there're perks there. Also, I can edit my commentses now. That makes me very happy, as I make lots of typos. And who knows--I may delurk more often in order to justify the expense to myself. ::nod:: Also, need to change the mood theme. Possibly to something Code Geass and EPIC. I will miss that show, but in my opinion, it ended perfectly and beautifully. XD

Also, there were at least two people on campus today giving out free hugs. XD It made my day all 3 times I passed by the library today and saw the guy with the huge sign sort of... pacing in front of the library. It was possibly the most adorable thing I've seen in my life.

Now, off to study for the massive test tomorrow/sleep/spend my recital-skipping time wisely...or I could just try and get the Wii Fit to stop calling me obese and give me some properly-fitting clothing. ::crai::

on Sep. 30th, 2008 07:41 pm (UTC)
millenia: (Charlize || .. .and sexy ♥)
Posted by [personal profile] millenia
... I want to give out free hugs. ♥ Maybe this weekend...

Congrats on the sax, sucks to the locker thief, and hooray for paid accounts! I need to extend mine quickly while the sale's going on. :x

on Oct. 13th, 2008 06:13 pm (UTC)
Posted by [identity profile]
But the CSBT just want to be ~friends~ with you. <3 <3 (Are they still pains in the ass?)
Good luck getting the locker thing worked out.


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