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Actually, I have been reading my friends page, just... not exactly posting. I need to do the big Europe post. Which I will do, once I wheedle pictures out of people. Until then, suffice it to say that I went to Europe, and had fun, and returned (mostly) safely.

And now school has started again, and I still haven't done that layout change I've been meaning to do. After all, it's been about a year on this layout. Time for a change, for multiple reasons. Firstly, the whole ads thing. I know not many users who aren't logged in will be viewing this journal, but it still irks me that the current layout is completely screwed when looking at it not logged in. I'll either have to start using plus layouts (which means I might as well get a plus account), or get a paid account. I am seriously thinking about purchasing a paid account for myself. We'll see. Probably around Christmas, where I might have some money in the bank (because I am a cheap, cheap person. Shush.). I'd mainly do it to not see ads, and to be able to mess with layouts some more. Pretty, pretty layouts. And at this point, I'm sort of thinking "Why not?". I mean, SUP hasn't done anything to piss me off in a while, which has been my major deterrent for buying a paid account since I actually found some cash to do so. I'm still kind of wary? But I have hope, and that's a good thing. They seem to be listening. ::taps screen and wonders if they're reading this:: I also need to change my iconses. Find some new ones. That would be another bonus of getting a paid account (besides ZOMG!editable comments). There are lots of plusses right now, and if SUP keeps behaving, there'll be a lot fewer minuses. We'll see. Maybe I should stop lurking before I do a layout change. ::ponders::

And then this post should also contain the big schedule table/calendar/thingamabob, since school has started again.

Posting a picture of my calendar rather than having to make up a table. This is simply because I do not have a neat schedule this year, so I thought I'd make things easier on myself. ::shrugs:: 8:30 classes are evil. Evil, evil things. But that is my basic schedule to add things on top of. ::nod::

Anyway, I was going to say more, but I forgot. Oh!

(I know it's tomorrow--I just don't know if I'll be posting tomorrow. So to put it in writing. XD

on Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
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HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAAAAAAAY!!! >___< Sorry I was on vacation during your bday and was late u.u;; Hope you had fun! ♥ ♥ ♥

on Sep. 2nd, 2008 07:03 pm (UTC)
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PS I look forward to the Europe post x3


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